Mazda’s customer database gives dealers competitive edge



Sudden heatwave? Want to get customers in to check their air conditioning is working properly? Mazda dealers can do just that thanks to clever new software that makes it far easier for them to use their databases.

Called ‘Mazda Vantage Point’, it allows the 167-strong dealer network (including Authorised Repairers) to generate text messages and emails to selected customers at a fraction of the cost of printing and posting letters.

The software also gives the database a health check to make sure, for example, mobile phone numbers start with 07 and email addresses are properly configured.

The ability to filter data for any query from colour to date first registered will, among many other possibilities, allow dealers to create campaigns for MOT reminders by searching for cars approaching three-years old or those coming up for MOT renewals.

“It unlocks personalised offers to customers, helps dealers keep business within the network and can be tailored to suit regional variations in car use and wear and tear which could influence how often a car needs to be seen,” said Mazda Motors UK Aftersales Director David Wilson-Green.

“Every manufacturer runs a winter campaign but with Mazda Vantage Point, dealers in an area where, for example, snow is forecast in the next few days could very quickly generate emails and SMS messages inviting customers in to have winter tyres fitted or a winter check,” he explained.

If a heatwave is forecast for one region but not for another, dealers in that region could respond by inviting customers to have their air conditioning units checked. Customers, alerted by either email or SMS, can then use Mazda’s online booking system to choose when to take their car to their dealer.

This local rather than national approach will help Mazda dealers target specific and relevant offers at the right time to keep customers in the network, boosting their profitability, explained Wilson-Green.

Not only that, the software allows dealers to measure the success and cost of any campaign so they get a true picture of their return on investment.

The system tracks what is being done on a national level which means best practice can also be shared across the network.

There are other benefits. Inventories can be checked at every dealer, making it easier to find elusive spare parts. “It is part of our standard aftersales support package and is helping dealers to be more efficient,” concluded Wilson-Green.