Mazda at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

Paris spotlight to shine on the newly-upgraded Mazda MX-5 and all-new Mazda6

Mazda’s new-generation flagship has arrived. Featuring highly-efficient SKYACTIV technology and the striking ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design, the new Mazda6 saloon and estate are the focal points of Mazda’s exhibit at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

The spotlight in Paris will also shine on the newly-upgraded Mazda MX-5, now even more responsive and assertive as the unrivalled roadster cruises through its third decade of production.

All-new Mazda6

Built to feel like an extension of its driver, the all-new Mazda6 brings together the most advanced form yet of Mazda’s efficient Sustainable Zoom-Zoom driving fun and electrifying KODO styling in a significant newcomer to the crucial CD-segment.

Uniting a smooth, refined ride fitting for a flagship, with the sporty, linear handling obligatory for a Mazda, this is the first Mazda6 to feature the full range of SKYACTIV technology and the first Mazda vehicle equipped with the company’s unique i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration system. This means it’s more powerful and more fuel efficient than ever. Designers and engineers collaborated closely to give real substance and purpose to the stunning external forms. As a result, there are no compromises: what you get is as good as what you see.

Both the saloon and estate, which are exhibited estate side-by-side for the first time in Paris, have overall lengths, wheelbases and interior dimensions that are at or near the top of their segment. That translates into top comfort for driver and passengers alike and despite the increased dimensions, thanks to SKYACTIV’s innovations, the new Mazda6 is even lighter than the current model.

Powertrains have been optimised to increase output and fuel economy. Chassis and body structures, meanwhile, are stiffer, benefiting from greater proportions of high and ultra-high tensile steels. The steering and suspension combine low-speed agility with high-speed stability and responsiveness to driver input – at a level of precision unparalleled in the CD-segment. In addition to being quieter and more aerodynamic, the new Mazda6 is also a segment leader in terms of safety.

Meanwhile, with the signature wing family face and exterior forms expressing such great vitality, strength and agility – all KODO trademarks – the new Mazda6 is a car people will want to drive from the minute they lay eyes on it. Also, the uncompromising performance and handling mean they won’t be disappointed when they do.

Upgraded Mazda MX-5

Sticking to the basics but always improving: Mazda’s celebrated roadster just became even more special.

How could Mazda possibly make the world’s bestselling two-seater sports car even more popular? By enhancing throttle responsiveness and brake return for a more rewarding, more invigorating drive, particularly on the winding roads and curves where the MX-5 already excels. By giving the MX-5 a more aggressive front-end design, while simultaneously improving pedestrian safety. No added weight, no less reliability.