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05 Jul 2016
by: Mazda UK in Mazda Insider, Top Stories

Training to ensure your Mazda is repaired to factory standard

David Wilson-Green, Mazda’s Aftersales Director, explains how Mazda’s newly refurbished training centre for body repair technicians helps ensure cars repaired after a crash...

Used car sale
27 Jun 2016

Sale makes a century: how Mazda’s used car auction scored 100 per cent

What happens to Mazda UK’s press cars when they are taken off the fleet? Mazda used car and remarketing manager Tamara Brown talks...

Special delivery: how Mazda supplies British drivers with new cars
20 May 2016
by: Paul Crisp, Mazda UK in Mazda Insider, Top Stories

Special delivery: how Mazda supplies British drivers with new cars

  In part two of how Mazda cars are delivered to British drivers, head of sales planning and distribution Paul Crisp shares how...

A day in the life of Barney Steele, dealer principal of Magna Mazda in Poole, Dorset
04 May 2016
by: Mazda UK in Mazda Insider

Principled people: a day in the life of a Mazda dealer principal

With nearly 23 years of experience behind him, and a rapidly changing world around him, Barney Steele, General Manager for Magna Mazda in...

11 Apr 2016
by: Mazda UK in Mazda Insider

Mazda UK opens new in-house Customer Relations Centre

As part of its continued focus on delivering first-class customer service, Mazda UK has officially opened its new Customer Relations Centre. Housed within...

24 Mar 2016

The gram strategy: How saving weight makes Mazdas better to drive

Mazda leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to create cars that inspire their drivers. One of the ways it does this is...

18 Jan 2016
by: Paul Crisp in Corporate, Mazda Insider, Top Stories

Getting the right cars to the right customers at the right time

Mazda is in the fortunate position that global demand for new models exceeds the capacity to build them. However, that throws up its...

15 Jan 2016

Mazda UK celebrates 2015 sales success and looks ahead to 2016

Mazda UK recorded its third successive year of dramatic sales growth in 2015, ending the year 20.4 per cent up over 2014 –...

22 Dec 2015
by: Richard Whittam in Corporate, Mazda Insider, Top Stories

2016: The changing face of car finance

Mazda UK’s Consumer Programmes Manager Richard Whittam reveals how car finance could evolve through 2016 We have seen a fantastic increase in the...

An interview with Ikuo Maeda, the man responsible for the new Mazda RX-Vision rotary sports car
28 Oct 2015

Mazda RX-VISION sports car: behind the scenes at the Tokyo Motor Show with Ikuo Maeda, Mazda’s head of design

Mazda has revealed its RX-VISION, a concept for a two-seat, rotary-engined sports car that has caught the attention of car enthusiasts the world...