Mazda Italy pays homage to Mazda’s Cork heritage

To celebrate the launch of the Mazda MX-30 EV and to honour the Italian dealer network, Mazda Italy has announced that it will plant 78 cork oaks within the Appia Antica Regional Park in Rome in order to create the Mazda Oak Forest.

The specific number was chosen on purpose as each cork oak represents one of the 77 authorized Mazda dealerships in Italy plus an additional one for Mazda Italy. Each oak will be identified by the name of the dealership to symbolize the bond between Mazda and its dealers in the year the firm celebrates its centenary.

Mazda’s commitment to preserve the planet for future generations is reflected in the motto of this project: “Roots in the Future in order not to change the face of the planet”, while the choice of cork oak trees is symbolic because Mazda was founded in 1920 as a cork producer – something highlighted by the use of cork in the cabin of the MX-30.

The Appia Antica Regional Park is is the largest urban park in Europe, with a protected natural area of about 4,580 hectares established in 1988 by the Lazio Region, a green lung in the heart of Rome. The area which will host the Mazda Wood of cork oaks is one of the noblest area of the park called Farnesiana.

Appia Antica Regional Park

In addition, Mazda Italy will give an MX-30 for one year to the Park Authority so that its guards will be able to move around the park while respecting the environment. Some photovoltaic panels donated by the Italian company Sunerg Solar Energy will be installed inside a former paper mill, now headquarters of the Park Authority, in order to provide the electricity needed to recharge the MX-30. But what’s more, this installation will also be part of an edutainment area and experimental laboratory where environmental topics such as sustainable mobility, well-to-wheel approach and life cycle assessment will be explained to the park visitors.

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