Mazda Innovation Space Tokyo opens

Mazda Motor Corporation has opened the new Mazda Innovation Space Tokyo. Located in Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo, this hub will serve as a place where partnerships are formed and talented individuals dare to create new value.

Within the Mazda 2030 Vision, Mazda sets out “to be a car-loving company that creates moving experiences through the joy of driving” and aims to bring about an ideal situation in which we can, for everyone connected to our company, provide uplifting experiences, emotionally and physically, and enrich life-in-motion every day.

Thanks to digital technology rapidly evolving and customers’ preferences being increasingly diversified in recent years, there is a pressing need to create and realize new value in a manner that transcends the traditional boundaries of the automobile industry.

The new space in Tokyo has been established so that Mazda can reach far beyond the conventional framework of the automobile business to encounter a diverse range of talented individuals and business partners, and accelerate our co-creation activities. In addition to recruiting IT, MaaS, and other specialists, this space is slated to host interactions with new business partners, including those engaged in the electrification process, and facilitate new business development, internal workshops, and other activities for co-creation both inside and outside the company.

Mazda Corporation, Executive Officer Tomiko Takeuchi, who oversees human resources, said: “the concept underlying this new space is to provide a place that enables people to form partnerships and dare to generate new value. To envisage this, we are first creating an environment that inspires each and every one of our employees to passionately commit themselves to their endeavors. Then, from here at Mazda Innovation Space Tokyo, that positive energy will transcend the automobile industry, encouraging new business partners, prospective new graduates and others wishing to make a career at Mazda as well as other future partners to accelerate collaboration generating innovation. Mazda aims to be a company where diverse work styles and talents thrive in an environment that enables people to follow their passion more than anywhere else. We will continue to enrich life-in-motion for those we serve.”