Mazda MX-30 right sized battery strategy

Arriving in the UK early in 2021, the Mazda MX-30 is Mazda’s first all-electric production vehicle and part of an electrification strategy that has already seen Mazda M Hybrid mild hybrid systems fitted as standard to the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30, plus selected Mazda2s.

A stylish and versatile crossover, the Mazda MX-30 features an AC synchronous electric motor and a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery that delivers a range of approximately 124miles and comes with AC charging up to 6.6Kw and DC rapid charging designed to meet 125A Combo Charging standards. Alongside the development of efficient combustion engine technology such as the Spark Controlled Compression Ignition Skyactiv-X petrol engine, the fully-electric MX-30 is part of Mazda’s philosophy of the right power source in the right place at the right time, formed from the company’s ‘well-to-wheel’ approach to emissions measurement.

This methodology concerns not only the CO2 emitted by cars themselves whilst driving, but also the emissions caused by the extraction and refinery of fuel, or the generation of electricity in the case of EVs.

Moreover, in the context of EVs and the batteries they use, Mazda considers it important to consider the need to reduce CO2 emissions over their entire life cycle. Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a technique designed to measure – in addition to well-to-wheel emissions – the total environmental impact of a product over its entire life, from the extraction of the raw materials necessary for production through to end-of-life disposal.

Following a study by Mazda and the Kogakuin University which has been published in the Sustainable Science magazine[1], the company’s LCA research has shown that, over their entire life cycle, EVs with smaller batteries tend to produce lower CO2 emissions than comparable diesel-engined cars. To that end, Mazda believes that the MX-30’s battery capacity of 35.5 kwh provides the optimum balance between a driving range which gives customers peace of mind and CO2 emissions from an LCA perspective.

Furthermore, this keeps overall vehicle weight lower for good handling and greater agility, which is currently not the case for many EVs.


With a maximum system power of 145ps and a maximum torque output of 271Nm, the front-wheel drive MX-30 will accelerate from 0-62mph in 9.7 seconds. The MX-30’s new e-Skyactiv electric-drive technology combines a lithium-ion battery pack and electric motor with technologies born of Mazda’s human-centric development philosophy. It offers drivers a  smooth, quiet and seamless all-electric driving experience and a direct steering feel with a quick and accurate response  to the driver’s intentions. The size of the high-voltage battery mounted beneath the floor was carefully chosen to minimise CO2 emissions throughout its life cycle, from resource extraction through to battery disposal.

Safeguarding the high-voltage components, a control system instantly shuts down power flow when it detects any irregularities, and a protective structure protects the battery from external forces in the event of a collision. These measures prevent electric shocks in the event of accidental damage to the high-voltage components.

With UK pricing for the full Mazda MX-30 range to be announced later in the year, the Mazda MX-30 First Edition will go on sale early in 2021 and offer a  stylish and driver focused Mazda BEV. Available with a choice of free-of-charge Ceramic Metallic or Polymetal Grey Metallic single colours, the First Edition can also be ordered with either £950 three-tone Ceramic Metallic or £1,250 three-tone Soul Red Crystal Metallic.

The three-tone design further marks out the MX-30’s unique styling with a brilliant black roof and metallic grey upper side panels to contrast the Soul Red Crystal or Ceramic Metallic main body colour. Inside, the First Edition features a light and modern cabin ambiance with light grey cloth and stone leatherette combined with orange seat stitching.

Standard interior equipment includes a windscreen projecting head-up display, 8-way electric adjustable drivers’ seat, a colour 7-inch TFT dial display, a leather wrapped steering wheel and chrome trim accents.

As you’d expect the MX-30 First Edition comes with Mazda Connect, navigation, plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while the technology tally also includes Mazda Radar Cruise control and a driver’s knee airbag.

Customers ordering a Mazda MX-30 First Edition will also qualify for a free wall box home charger^, while the car is equipped with both a Type 2 mode 2 charge cable for 3-pin plug charging and a Type 2 mode 3 charge cable for AC charging via home or public charge points. Additionally, the DC socket allows for rapid charging up to 50Kw. In this charge mode a charging time of 30 to 40 minutes can deliver up to 80 per cent battery charge.

Commenting on the Mazda MX-30 First Edition, Managing Director, Mazda Motors UK, Jeremy Thomson, said: “our first all-electric Mazda heralds an exciting start to Mazda’s second century in business. With the First Edition MX-30 order book now open, customers in the UK can reserve a car for just £800 for delivery early in 2021. A battery electric vehicle conceived and created with Mazda’s well-renowned focus on distinctive styling, innovative technology, driver focused dynamics and class-leading interior quality, the MX-30 will be a stand out addition to the rapidly evolving EV marketplace. Part of Mazda’s multi-solution approach to efficient vehicles, the launch of our first pure electric car is a milestone moment for the brand and a landmark moment for our dealers and customers here in the UK.” 

[1] Published in Sustainability 2019, 11 2690,

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