Mazda factories continue to resume operations

The Mazda Motor Corporation would like to express its deepest sympathy and concern for all of those who have been suffering from the novel coronavirus outbreak and extend our condolences to the families it has impacted.

Since January this year, infection prevention measures in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus, such as stay-at-home orders and restriction of business activities, have been taken in various countries. Voluntary restriction of activities and dedicated activities to support people’s lives and health, including health care workers, have been seen all over the world. Recently, these regulations and restrictions are starting to be relaxed, especially in Europe and North America.

In response to the relaxation of regulations and the restart of business activities, Mazda has been gradually resuming operations while complying with the restrictions and requirements in each country and region. In addition, we have resumed delivery of vehicles in line with demand, while carefully managing inventory at our plants and at ports.

We have also been gradually increasing production volume step by step. All factories in Japan, Ujina Plant No.1, Ujina Plant No.2, Hofu Plant No.1 and Hofu Plant No.2, will be free of suspensions and are expected to operate day-shifts only during June. Our Mexican plant, Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation, which stopped operations from April to May, will also resume production in June. The total volume planned for June, combining major production facilities in Japan, Mexico and Thailand that produce vehicles for the European market, is expected to be more than double the volumes seen in May.

The production adjustments put in place during March, April and May will be maintained. Although we expect that it will take a long time for the global market to return to pre-pandemic levels, we will proceed with the recovery of our operations cautiously in order to ensure that we can meet customer demand, while continuing to implement infection prevention measures.

Results and plans of operation shut down at major production facilities

Ujina Plant No.1 / Ujina Plant No.2/ (Hiroshima), Hofu Plant No.1 / Hofu Plant No.2 (Hofu, Yamaguchi)

 Ujina Plant No.1Ujina Plant No.2Hofu Plant No.1Hofu Plant No.2
May *May 11 – 12 May 20 – 22 May 25 – 28 May 11 – 14 May 18 – 21 May 27 – 29

Note: Days of operation are day-time shift only

* Operations were suspended April 27 to May 1. May 2 – 10 was a long holiday period

Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation (Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico)

MayMay 1 – May 29

Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Rayong, Thailand)

 Passenger vehicle productionPickup truck production
MayMay 4, 5 and May 15May 1 – 17 and May 29
June12 days

Note: Operation shut down schedule is as of the time of announcement and is subject to change depending on future circumstances.