2019 Mazda MX-5 named Best Cabriolet in the UK Car of the Year Awards

The 2019 Mazda MX-5 has been named Best Cabriolet in the UK Car of the Year Awards, with the judges acknowledging that with its new 184ps 2.0-litre engine, the current generation of MX-5 is better than ever.

Here’s the comments of the judges:

“The best ever roadster. FACT.”

Mat Watson

“Mazda has revolutionised its iconic roadster with this more potent engine that turns it from sporting into a true sportscar great.”

Alisdair Suttie

“Such an iconic and legendary car for it’s brilliant handling and all-round fun, but this year it got better at the sensible bits with less emissions despite extra power, as well as enhanced comfort and safety kit.”

Paul Barker

“The 2018 update to the Skyactiv-G – bringing peak power to 184hp, or 181bhp – has made the 2.0-litre a complete no-brainer choice. Never has a mere 24hp and 5Nm made such a transformative difference; the beauty of the update being that Mazda didn’t resort to forced induction and a small turbocharger to make the 2.0-litre model such a magnificent sports car.”

Matt Robinson

“Mazda’s latest MX-5 proved the classic sports car recipe – a revvy, naturally-aspirated engine, manual ‘box and lightweight body – are just as relevant today as they always have been. Extra power and new technology for 2019 manages the seemingly impossible task of making it even more appealing.”

Alex Grant

“The new engine brings a big change in personality and purpose for this perennial favourite.”

Paul Hudson

“After years of calling for more power to no avail, we finally got what we wanted and it seems we were right all along. The MX-5 handles the extra grunt with finesse and is more adjustable at the limit and more fun more of the time. Top of the class.”

Tom Sharpe

“This uprated engine just suits the MX-5 so well, giving it a little added bite and aggression without going over the top. Small, light, simple and now genuinely quick, the naturally aspirated MX-5 continues to set the benchmark for two-seat sports cars.”

Chris Knapman

“Affordable and with ‘best in class’ handling, a sheer delight to own and drive.”

Ian Lynas

“Still the most enjoyable sports car money can buy, the MX-5 is one of those cars everyone should drive at least once.”

David Ross

“Great fun and hugely practical either as roadster or hardtop.”

Chris Russon