Why Mazda is ‘a great brand to work with’

Mazda Motor UK’s dealers are showing their enthusiasm for the rejuvenated brand by embracing the company’s new look with one dealer describing Mazda as “a great brand to work with.”

Mazda UK is planning on completing installations of the brand’s new visual identity on 80 per cent of their 136 strong network by next March.

Managing director Jeremy Thomson sees this as a great endorsement of Mazda with dealers investing in the brand. “The new look has great kerb appeal and is very cost effective,” he said.

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It’s a view backed by dealers. Lifestyle Group’s, Mazda Brand Manager, Mark Spowage described it as refreshing to have a more upmarket look and feel with customers reacting very positively.

Lifestyle Group has just completed purpose-built Ford and Mazda showrooms in Horsham, Sussex, and is about to install the new look at its Gatwick outlet. Spowage is enthusiastic about the new look, noting in particular how much better the lighting is than in other franchise showrooms.

The new look, which was pioneered in the UK as part of a European-wide project, comes as Mazda experiences sales growth of 20 per cent. “The product we have now is fantastic and we’re really looking forward to next year which will be the busiest year ever for Mazda,” said Spowage. “It’s green lights all the way.”

The sales increase – from 25,000 just a couple of years ago to more than 37,500 this year – comes from a more streamlined and profitable dealer network. “It means more cars sold through existing outlets which is helping dealer profitability and reinforcing our position as the franchise of choice for those dealers who want to expand their portfolio,” said Thomson.

Lifestyle’s Spowage describes Mazda UK’s team as easy to work with because “you can talk to the right person and they react to feedback. It’s a great brand to work with because they listen. It really is a partnership.”