Mazda to Partner Linley Swan GP on circumnavigation of Ireland

Mazda to partner Linley Swan GP in arduous and challenging Powerboat and RIB Round Ireland Challenge 2013

Mazda UK is partnering Linley Swan GP in the Powerboat and RIB Round Ireland Challenge 2013, one of the most arduous and challenging offshore events in the UK and Ireland necessitating exposure to the daunting Atlantic coast, a region of varying and aggressive weather systems and sea states that test the most experienced crews and developed marine technology.

Bucking convention the event will see, for the first time in competition, a flotilla of boats circumnavigate Ireland in an anti-clockwise direction; starting from Kilmore Quay on the 27th July. Forty five boats will take to the water and attempt to return to the start on the 3rd August having completed 1,000 miles of arduous, endurance ocean adventure.

Supported by Mazda UK with the popular CX-5 sports utility vehicle (SUV) as the exclusive land vehicle for the Linley Swan GP race team, experienced skipper and offshore powerboat racer Tom Montgomery-Swan will be joined in the race by a variety of celebrities and personalities during this unique venture.


The ‘Round Ireland Challenge’ endurance event is one of the toughest ocean challenges to be undertaken in the British Isles and Linley Swan, the UK’s leading powerboat design house, has produced a craft specifically for the event. Incorporating the Mazda philosophy of lightweight and eco without any compromise on performance or handling, the Linley Swan GP RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) will be the most technically advanced craft in the event.

Manufactured by Linley Swan’s RIB partner; Ribeye Ltd, the six meter vessel features race specification build materials, the latest electronics packages, fuel efficient engine technology, a custom suspension, shock mitigating console and seat design by a NASCAR firm in Canada whilst a raft of social media geared technology will enable tracking of the boat’s progress throughout the event.

Mirroring Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology, Linley Swan has created a boat far lighter than their competitors without compromising on build craft strength or performance.

The Mazda CX-5 is the ideal event support vehicle for Linley Swan. Offering good towing capabilities, ample space for kit, and frugal fuel consumption, the Mazda CX-5 is an environmentally friendly SUV with excellent driving credentials to deliver the support crew to each rendezvous dry and in comfort – unfortunately the same cannot be anticipated for the RIB crew!

“Mazda is the ideal partner for this event,” commented Tom Montgomery Swan“We needed a car that is capable of towing the RIB but is also stylish, economical and in keeping with Linley Swan GP’s brand values.  With SKYACTIV technology Mazda builds cars that deliver power and driver engagement but in an environmentally friendly package that is also lightweight and great design, all assets we need to address the logistical challenge of moving the RIB safely and at a greatly reduced cost to more traditional towing vehicles.”

“The Mazda CX-5 also fits Linley Swan’s environmental credentials. Our marine landscapes are integral to the health of the Planet and our sport and, where possible, we run biodegradable oils and fuel in our boats – it is essential to us that any partner embraces this ethos and in their SKYACTIV technology, with its improvements to the internal combustion engine and reduction in CO2 levels only seen previously in hybrids, Mazda have more than proved their commitment to environmental conservation. It helps of course that this all comes with the comfortable, spacious and enjoyable Mazda CX-5.”

In support of Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Linley Swan GP team and Mazda support car can be seen at the Linley Swan launch party at Morton’s, London on the 27th of June and at the Southampton Boat Show on 13-22nd of September.

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