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25 Sep 2020
by: Monique Clarke in Mazda Range, Top Stories

First Mazda 100th Anniversary Special Edition Series cars arrive in the UK

Built to celebrate Mazda’s centenary, the 100th Anniversary Special Edition series is a range of special versions of all the key passenger cars...

14 Sep 2020

Catching up with Tomiko Takeuchi – MX-30 Project Manager

When Tomiko Takeuchi was appointed Mazda’s first-ever female Program Manager in 2015, she simply could not believe that – after so many years...

24 Aug 2020

Mazda MX-30 the EV with Jinba Ittai

Arriving in the UK early in 2021, the Mazda MX-30 is Mazda’s first all-electric production vehicle and part of an electrification strategy that...

06 Aug 2020
by: Owen Mildenhall in Mazda2, Top Stories

Mazda at 100 | A history of great small cars

The Japanese are no strangers to small spaces. The compact house concept fashionable today around the world has long been a reality in...

29 Jul 2020
by: Owen Mildenhall in Motorsport, Top Stories

Mazda head to round 4 of IMSA Series at Road America

Round 4 of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship takes place this weekend at the scene of the victory that completed a run of...

20 Jul 2020
by: Owen Mildenhall in Mazda MX-30, Top Stories

Stay connected with the Mazda MX-30

At the heart of every Mazda lies Jinba Ittai – a sense of oneness and connection between car and driver. Arriving in early...

15 Jul 2020
by: Owen Mildenhall in Motorsport, Top Stories

British sportscar stars Oliver Jarvis and Harry Tincknell back in action with Mazda this weekend

After scoring a perfect 1-2 result in the last round at Daytona Raceway, Mazda Motorsports will be hoping to do it again this...

14 Jul 2020

Mazda at 100 | the quest for sustainable and fun vehicles

Mazda is known for cars that engage the driver, and while today this may seem at odds with the necessity to make mobility...

07 Jul 2020
by: Owen Mildenhall in Mazda MX-5, Top Stories

Mazda MX-5 and Ikuo Maeda honoured in the 2020 Autocar Awards

Both the Mazda MX-5 and Mazda’s Head of Global Design, Ikuo Maeda have been honoured by Britain’s oldest and most established motoring title...

06 Jul 2020
by: Owen Mildenhall in Top Stories

Mazda at 100 | the rise of the SUV

Today Mazda is famed for creating a range of great to drive and attractively designed cars and SUVs, known for their quality, style,...