Mazda to exhibit at 27th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles

Mazda Motor Corporation will be one of the exhibitors at the 27th International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (27th ESV 2023), scheduled to take place from April 3 through to April 6 at the Pacifico Yokohama North (Nishi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa).

The ESV, which is generally held every two years in the United States, Japan or a European country, is the international conference on vehicle safety held on a global scale. The 27th conference, under the theme of “Enhanced and Equitable Vehicle Safety for All: Toward the next 50 years”, will feature presentations and discussions on topics such as safety technologies for the protection of children, senior citizens and other vulnerable road users, as well as presentations and discussions on advanced technologies for automatic driving and artificial intelligence. A large number of participants from government agencies, research institutes, and industry around the world are expected to attend the conference.

At the conference, Mazda will highlight the company’s human-centered approach to safety and the technology underlying that approach with the display of a Mazda CX–60 equipped with Driver Emergency Assist (DEA) system.

Mazda is aiming, by 2040, to achieve a rate of zero fatalities*1 caused by new Mazda vehicles. Mazda strives to improve vehicle technology step by step in line with the company’s safety philosophy of Mazda Proactive Safety for detecting and preventing dangers. As part of these efforts, Mazda is engaged in deep research into human biology, working to understand and model the mechanisms of the body and the brain. Mazda has harnessed this research to develop the Mazda Co-Pilot Concept, an advanced driving support technology concept that reduces risks by monitoring driver’s conditions like drowsiness or health problems.

Driver Emergency Assist (DEA) system, which was developed under this concept, determines when the driver cannot control the vehicle due to a loss of consciousness*2. In such situations, this advanced technology works to slow and stop the vehicle, while also alerting the emergency authorities. DEA is already available on CX-60 for Japanese market*3, which was released during 2022. The CX-60 is the first vehicle in Japan certified compliant with the new, amended Japanese safety standards brought in to ensure compliance with safety regulation Number 79, Revision 4, the latest*4 United Nations regulation on DEA systems. In accordance with a development roadmap for 2025 and beyond, Mazda plans to continue expanding and improving technology based on this concept, gradually increasing the number of vehicle models incorporating this technology.

Mazda works to protect drivers continuously through advances in driving assistance technology, supporting the lifelong enjoyment of driving and freedom of mobility.

*1: No fatalities refers to fatalities that can be prevented with automobile safety technology

*2: Loss of consciousness caused by reasons such as heart problems, cerebrovascular events, nervous conditions including epilepsy, or low blood sugar

*3: Models equipped with e-SKYACTIV D, SKYACTIV-D 3.3, e-SKYACTIV PHEV, SKYACTIV-G 2.5

*4: As of March 2023