Skyactiv-X engine receives Technobest Award at the Autobest 2020 Awards

Mazda’s revolutionary Skyactiv-X engine continues to impress with the Autobest jury from 31 countries recognising it as “Technobest 2019” at the Autobest Gala event in Mainz on 13th February 2020.

Yasuhiro Aoyama, President & CEO of Mazda Motor Europe, who received the award said:

“We are very pleased to receive this award from the Autobest jury for the most innovative technical development of the year 2019. We have repeatedly emphasised that, in our view, the optimisation of combustion engines is not yet complete. With the Skyactiv-X technology, we have reached a decisive milestone that takes us a big step forward in our continuous quest for the ideal combustion engine.”

The Technobest Award for innovative technology developments in the automotive sector has been presented by the Autobest jury since 2005.

Skyactiv-X is the first production petrol engine in the world to exploit the benefits of diesel-like compression ignition. An unique solution made possible by the efforts of the Japanese engineers who designed the innovative system called SPCCI (Spark Controlled Compression ignition) which allows the engine to switch seamlessly between conventional combustion and compression ignition by using a spark plug to trigger both types of combustion in different ways. This combustion system is highly efficient and improve the efficiency of the engine up to 30% respect to the current SKYACTIV-G, reducing fuel consumption and emissions of CO2.