Read the thoughts of Programme Manager Yoshiyuki Wada…..

…as the 2020 Mazda2 goes on sale

The Mazda2 is very popular with customers for its high level of quality, shattering the preconception that a car’s value is proportionate to its size.

For this new model, we have adopted the latest KODO – Soul of Motion design elements and Skyactiv-Technology updates. We have also rigorously pursued quality. The update focuses not only on ‘Look, Touch and Feel’ in the areas of design and craftsmanship, but also ‘Ride, Drive and Feel’ in the fields of handling and ride comfort.

In addition to increasing demands by society for environmental and safety performance, we believe that quality is also assuming increasing importance. In this context, the 2020 Mazda2 update takes on the challenge of leading a new era of compact cars that redefine quality in the B-segment.

First, let’s look at updates in the areas of ‘Look, Touch and Feel’. For the exterior design, the surface expression is simple yet rich, emphasizing a horizontal, low center of gravity and an enhanced sense of luxury within a compact size. This has enabled us to offer the customer a fresh new design with heightened presence.

The interior design adopts high-quality materials and delivers a cabin space that balances luxury above and beyond current B-segment perceptions with the playfulness of a compact car. We believe that this vehicle will be chosen as one that more closely matches customers’ individual lifestyles.

Next, let’s look at updates in the areas of ‘Ride, Drive and Feel’. We have improved the feeling of ‘Effortless Joyful Driving’. We have further pursued our human-centered design philosophy, and have incorporated new structural technologies based on the principles of Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture which maximise the innate capability of humans to maintain balance.

The ideal state pursued by Mazda is one in which a person can drive a car without conscious effort, and as naturally as when walking. For this update, customers can enjoy driving, from the moment the vehicle moves, in a natural way, as if the car had become an extension of their own feet.

Further, with a view to delivering a high-quality, quiet interior that facilitates conversation, we have controlled reverberant sound and reflected sound to suppress unpleasant noises before they reached occupants, enabling the enjoyment of a comfortable drive with fellow occupants.

As an entry car to the Mazda brand, and as a personal car for daily use, we would like to see more people start driving this vehicle. We firmly believe that we have achieved an innovative, compact car that embodies all of these intentions and stands proud on a global stage. It is our wish that this Mazda2 will become a vehicle that is attuned to the active lives of our customers.

Yoshiyuki Wada
Mazda2 Program Manager

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