A message from Tomiko Takeuchi | Programme Manager Mazda MX-30

Here’s the thoughts of Mazda MX-30 programme manager Tomiko Takeuchi on Mazda’s first production electric vehicle:

For those who desire a life with things that soothe and please the spirit; for those who want to live positively, actively choosing possessions and experiences that, by their own standards, are a match for their lifestyle; for those with the wisdom and inventiveness to tackle problems facing people, society and the earth in their own style, without overextending themselves; and for those who wish to create good times together with the people around them and with people all over the world. For those customers, the Mazda MX-30 offers a creative time and space that will allow them to live true to themselves.

Our lives are infused with vast quantities of information and ever-evolving technologies and are getting more comfortable and convenient by the day. But an increasing number of people, pressured by time and information overload, are longing for a simpler, more natural life that allows them to be themselves. I also believe that, amid declining opportunities for face-to-face communication, time spent with companions and loved ones is becoming more and more precious.

Because cars are a familiar presence in people’s daily lives, we want to make the time they spend with their car richer and more human. How to achieve this with the MX-30? We set out to answer that question by trying to understand the feelings, spaces and possessions that our customers value.

Living true to yourself requires the strength of spirit to be true to your feelings and continually question other people’s “common sense” and values. That is what will empower you to face up to yourself, take that first positive step and continue on your chosen path. To help you on your way, we aimed to make MX-30 a space that settles your mind when you get in.

Based on a “Human Modern” design concept, the styling of the MX-30 has a human feel that puts you at ease and makes it a pleasure to look at all day long. Once inside, a simple yet functional console welcomes you. Airy spaces connect the driver and passenger seat areas, giving the sense of a refreshing breeze circulating inside the car. The cabin features materials sourced from nature or designed to reduce their burden on the environment and encourages you to breathe deeply. The space is designed to help settle your mind and offers a seemingly incongruous sense of being “enveloped in openness”.

We want people and cars to be freer. So we gave the MX-30 freestyle doors to offer an inspiring space that customers can enjoy in a variety of creative ways. A car should be more than a mere means of transportation; it should stimulate people’s inherent creativity and desire for continual growth. For example, in the course of your daily routine, you might like to drop by the local park, open up the freestyle doors and just enjoy the view. The sounds of the breeze and the birds singing calm you, and you begin to feel like yourself again. In time, you will be ready to tighten your bootlaces and begin again on your journey. At other times the car can function as a base camp, allowing you to watch movies outdoors with your friends, or enjoy conversations or a meal with the freestyle doors wide open. Such a space will naturally attract friends both old and new.

Because the cabin helps you feel focused and positive, you can feel the joy of driving fully, from the bottom of your heart. The car responds faithfully to your steering inputs, and the ride feel is comfortable not only for you but for your passengers as well. Even on routine commutes, you can enjoy a pure driving experience that will revitalize both your mind and body.

Through MX-30, we want to join you as you journey through life, always living true to yourself. I hope that this car will help customers all over the world take on challenges and come out with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Program Manager of MX-30

Tomiko Takeuchi