Mazda Recall: Information

General information regarding the recall of Mazda cars in the UK

As part of our commitment to building cars that meet the very highest standards of safety, quality and reliability, we continually review the performance of all our vehicles.

This applies to new and used models, and ensures that we identify any components or systems that do not meet our strict standards. Crucially, it also allows us to take proactive steps to maintain our vehicles either as part of a special service programme, or as part of a voluntary recall.

What is a recall?
If any vehicle manufacturer detects a concern on a vehicle in the UK, they may undertake a vehicle recall. This includes steps to try to locate every affected vehicle in order to carry out modifications to improve reliability or function.

In the UK, car recalls are operated under a code of practice agreed between VOSA and all car makers. VOSA operates a website ( which contains detailed information on all vehicle recalls in the UK.

How will I know if my vehicle is affected?
If you purchased your Mazda from a Mazda dealer your details will have been passed to Mazda Motors UK who will then write to you to advise that your vehicle is affected by a recall.

If you are unsure if your vehicle is affected then your local Mazda dealer will be able to check this for you. To find your local Mazda Dealer, click here.

If you did not purchase your Mazda from a Mazda dealer then you will need to advise Mazda Motors that you are the new owner of the vehicle by submitting the details on the ‘Change of Ownership’ card located in your Warranty Information & Digital Service Record booklet or advising your local Mazda dealer.

Should you have any further questions, our customer service department can be reached on the following number: 0845 7484848

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