SKYACTIV to deliver fun-to-drive environmental motoring for all

New Mazda CX-5, the first car to be designed, engineered and built using Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology

Mazda social brings you a first look at the all-new Mazda CX-5 which will go on sale here in the UK. It is the first car to be designed, engineered and built using Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology, offering customers an enjoyable and fun driving experience as well as solid environmental credentials.

The range of SKYACTIV technologies allows Mazda to build petrol and diesel cars that deliver class leading fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising performance or handling. This significantly reduces the cost of motoring for customers and responds to the environmental needs that are now a key factor in choosing a new car.

It is not just the customers who will benefit from SKYACTIV technology, it has numerous benefits for dealers as Peter Allibon, Sales Director for Mazda UK, explains “SKYACTIV is a really exciting prospect, it allows Mazda to offer an eco solution to all customers in cars that are also fun-to-drive. By introducing SKYACTIV technology to all sixth-generation Mazda vehicles, starting with CX-5, everyone can drive an environmentally friendly car, not just those who are prepared to pay the price premium charged by other brands. That is a good marketing position for our dealers.

Currently, we compete in about 60 per cent of each segment we’re in – for example we have never been able to offer a diesel automatic – so we have been unable to provide a solution for certain customers’ needs. SKYACTIV technology introduces diesel automatic to the range and along with other technical advances it will enable us to get into sub-segments of different categories and will take the Mazda brand to a different level.

“SKYACTIV technology is traditional and familiar technology so dealers do not need to invest in extra technician training or expensive service tooling as they would for hybrid and electric vehicles.”

“Recently, a group of 16 Mazda dealers attended a series of SKYACTIV technology workshops and drove prototypes featuring SKYACTIV technology. The dealers were all very impressed and excited by the technology. Times are really tough for the industry right now, so this will be a welcome introduction; those brands seeing success right now are the ones with new product, so Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology and the all-new Mazda CX-5 will transform the brand and be phenomenal for the network.”

“The first question that dealers ask with new technology is what will it cost? The all-new Mazda CX-5 will allow Mazda to compete directly with Ford Kuga and Toyota RAV4, while offering efficiencies that rival much higher priced hybrid vehicles.”

BMW’s Efficient Dynamics is the closest to our SKYACTIV technology but customers pay a premium for an Efficient Dynamics derivative over the standard car.”

“Owing to low CO2 emissions and a competitive price position, Mazda will deliver reduced benefit in kind tax bills for company car drivers. Plus residual values are expected to be strong adding to the fleet appeal for Mazda’s sixth generation of vehicles.”

Mazda is a niche brand and SKYACTIV technology fits very well with our brand proposition. We can now present a genuine alternative to buyers without the compromise of hybrid and electric vehicles,” concludes Allibon.

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