Mazda and Macrofying zoom in on the details that make perfection

Mazda has teamed up with German macro photographer Ole Bielfeldt to show the craftsmanship behind every Mazda car from a whole new perspective. In his work, the 22-year-old digital artist behind “Macrofying” explores the world around us through mesmerising microscopic images and videos. From a single strand of hair to the crystalline structure of a flake of salt, Ole focusses in on the simple, often surprising beauty of everyday objects.

In his pursuit for the perfect image, Ole Bielfeldt obsesses over even the smallest detail – an approach to artistic creation that perfectly aligns with Mazda’s Takumi philosophy, a title reserved for only the most skilled of craftsmen. These master artisans pour their heart and soul into creating cars that are also works of art – perfection with a human touch. “Takumi is essential to create something unique,” explains Mazda Designer Bahram Partaw. “We need a certain level of craftsmanship to express something nobody has seen on the road.”

For the collaboration, the Mazda designer and Macrofying explore the creation of a Mazda car, namely the Mazda CX-60 flagship SUV, from the first pencil stroke to the finishing coat of paint. “The Takumi Touch” takes a close look at the materials and processes required along the way – the initial sketch, a first clay model, the metal finishing, and the perfect shade of body colour, as well as stitching details in the car’s interior. All are explored in a way Mazda fans have never seen them before, under Ole Bielfeldt’s macro lens.

The Mazda CX-60 showcased in this collaboration lends itself exceptionally well to the exploration of Takumi craftsmanship. With stitching inspired by Japanese binding techniques and high-quality materials like maple wood or nappa leather, the SUV clearly demonstrates the thought and care which goes into creating every small detail. The CX-60 is the perfect example for the motto “details make perfection” behind the Mazda and Macrofying collaboration.