Mazda’s MX-5 showroom with a difference

With some of the UK’s best roads and stunning scenery, the location for the UK Press Launch of the all-new Mazda MX-5 couldn’t have been better. However, Loch Torridon is a pretty remote place to host the UK’s motoring media. For those who are unfamiliar with the location you fly to Inverness, head west for 90 minutes, 65 miles, and end your journey on 10 miles of single track road in a rugged part of Scotland.

The roads are exciting, engaging, brilliant fun and quiet, while the route took in the Applecross pass, which with its Alpine pass like switchbacks, really demonstrated the MX-5’s handling…

However, being so remote meant the location lacked any form of conference facility so we built our own! Overlooking some of the most dramatic scenery in the UK with the added drama of sitting over water, for just a week, it became the UK’s most dramatic car showroom.


Designed to sit just five cm above the high tide, the Mazda ‘glass box’ was a dramatic place to highlight Mazda’s sportscar heritage. With a stunning 1968 Mazda Cosmo, and all four generations of MX-5, the presentation was a walk through of Mazda’s sports car technology, design and credentials.


Sadly, Mazda’s Loch Torridon showroom has now gone but it’s hopefully left an impression on those who visited.