Mazda opening European event hub in Barcelona

Mazda is preparing to open “Mazda Space”, a 2,000m2 facility in the heart of Barcelona that will serve as the central hub for the company’s European events. Also conceived as a forum for unconventional thinking, Mazda is aiming to address customers as well as like-minded people: Rebels with a cause who share the same values and beliefs as the convention-defying carmaker.

Mazda Space offers ample room on two floors for a variety of activities. The modular 1,000m2 ground floor area can be used to exhibit cars, as a large conference room, to launch new vehicles or for other company events. The basement, meanwhile (also 1,000m2) contains lounges, offices, and workshop and conference rooms. Mazda Space is therefore ideal for press conferences, celebrations and internal activities like employee training sessions on new products and technology.

Location is an important aspect of the facility. Mazda Space is centrally situated in Barcelona’s fashionable El Born district near an abundance of shops, cafés, bars and museums, and also in close proximity to the city’s shorefront and beaches. It is thus the perfect spot to host cultural events and external conferences featuring opinion leaders, for example, or future challengers. When no specific event is scheduled, Mazda Space will open its doors to the community. This will give locals and tourists an opportunity to experience Mazda’s DNA and challenger approach, exploring the history and heritage of the brand at a small exhibition of past models including the first-generation MX-5, Mazda Cosmo Sport, Mazda R360 Coupe and Mazda Carol.

“It is absolutely crucial these days to make a direct connection with your customers, which is exactly what we’ve done in Barcelona with Mazda Space,” says Mazda Motor Europe’s Vice President Communications Wojciech Halarewicz. “We set up the facility to allow to people to fully experience and follow our brand because we have a remarkable story to tell.”

Mazda Space officially opens on 3 September with the global unveiling of the all-new Mazda MX-5. Mazda fans and enthusiasts of the iconic two-seater can follow the spectacle via live stream on 4 September at 3.00AM (CET) at They can also share their thoughts about the facility and Mazda’s new roadster on Twitter and Facebook at #mazdaspace and #longlivetheroadster.