Autocar gives all-new Mazda6 two thumbs up

Weekly car magazine commends all-new Mazda6 across the board

Leading weekly car magazine Autocar featured a positive review of the all-new Mazda6 saloon in its most recent issue.

Awarding it four out of a possible five stars there were was much praise for the innovative full-size family car.

Commenting on the saloon’s ride quality, Autocar said “Body movements are outstandingly well controlled for such a large saloon or estate and offer genuine driving pleasure on the right road, while the steering is precise and positive even if not exactly flooded with feel.”

About the Mazda6′ abundance of new technologies it stated, “As a fully fledged member of Mazda’s new SkyActiv family, it comes bristling with innovation.”

“Overall the Mazda6 is an impressive and welcome addition to the dwindling constituency that is the full-size, mass-produced family car. Advanced, frugal, well built and funit provides convincing answers to most if not all questions posed by both the head and the heart of the long distance driver,” concluded the review.

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