Mazda MX-5 wins Perk Car of the Year in 2022 Company Car Today Awards

The Mazda MX-5 has been named Perk Car of the Year in the 2022 Company Car Today Awards – an award it has taken for five years in a row.

The CCT100 is Company Car Today’s annual definitive list of the 100 cars that can meet any business car requirement. They take 20 key categories and shortlist the top five cars in each, which are then assessed across the key factors that make an excellent company car, including emissions, price, running costs, company car tax, practicality, desirability breadth of offering and the driving experience. The top in each become Company Car Today CCT100 Award winners.

Commenting on the MX-5’s award, Company Car Today Editor, Paul Barker, said: “Mazda’s MX-5 is a legendary two-seater, and a wonderful perk car for those lucky enough to be able to get into one through their company car policy.” Adding, “there’s nothing that offers the driving experience, fun and top-down experience for anywhere near the money, and running costs are very reasonable for the enjoyment value.”

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