Upgraded Mazda MX-5 coming to the UK later this year

With enhanced safety features and driving attributes, new Mazda MX-5 to go on sale later this year

A new, upgraded version of the world’s best-selling open-top sportscar, the Mazda MX-5, is now rolling off the assembly line in Hiroshima, Japan and will go on sale in the UK later this year. The upgraded MX-5 has enhanced safety features and refined driving attributes, together with exterior and interior improvements to make the Roadster Coupe and the classic Soft-top models even more attractive.

Exterior changes include a new, more aggressive front bumper design that also improves aerodynamic performance, and the availability of a striking new Dolphin Grey Mica paint finish. Inside, the panel décor and matching steering wheel spokes have been upgraded for an improved cabin ambience.

The MX-5 has always delivered one of the world’s most enjoyable drives, and the upgraded version is now even more responsive to driver inputs. Throttle pedal actuation has been modified on manual transmission models, increasing the feeling of linear acceleration and giving the driver even more control when accelerating from lower speeds, on winding country roads, for example.

The characteristics of the vacuum brake-booster have been revised to optimise brake return control, which is especially beneficial when the driver brakes while entering a curve. The new acceleration control then kicks-in when the driver backs off the brake and steps on the accelerator again.

Taken together, these two new upgrades make braking more controllable and acceleration after braking both smoother and faster. Consequently, the upgraded MX-5 takes Mazda’s legendary Jinba Ittai ‘horse and rider as one’ driving experience to a whole new level – and make the new model even more fun to drive.

Not only is the upgraded MX-5 more aggressive-looking, aerodynamically more efficient and better handling around corners, pedestrian safety is also greatly improved. This model introduces Mazda’s new ‘active bonnet’ pedestrian protection system which automatically raises the trailing edge of the bonnet if a pedestrian impact is detected. This action provides immediate space under the bonnet to absorb impact energy and soften the blow. Complementing the new bonnet, the new front bumper design also enhances pedestrian leg protection.

The upgraded Mazda MX-5 will go on sale in the UK later this year.

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